The need for a spring cleansing rite…

The idea of fasting and cleansing rituals are present in every culture and traditions. And many of these traditions position their fasts and detox procedures for the spring season. Like the Eastern fast in the christian traditions or Ugadi in South India, from which day onwards Neem leaves are eaten first thing in the morning, for cleansing out our entire system.

In the texts of ancient Ayurvedic literature a simple example is given for the need of fasts and cleansing rites:

Let us say our system is like pipe that is meant to carry water from one point to the other. If our pipe is clogged up by dirt, by sticks and twigs the ability to carry water becomes impaired. In the same way if we are strained by toxins our system cannot carry out it’s functions properly and due to the malfunctions our health is effected. 

But once we are free of toxins our self healing processes (our homeostatic functions) can take control of the minor problems and injuries and our entire system functions better.

That is the need for running fasts and detow programmes regularly.

Om Tat Sat

Adam Baktai aka Fat Yogi

The founder of Oriental Method

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