The Oriental systems…

The quintessence behind the concepts of Oriental Method is deeply rooted in ancient Indian and Japanese cultures.

For us these two cultures complement each other. The easy going, forgiving and colorful culture of India, with the strict, precize and minimalist concepts of Japanese thought.

And whereas the Vedic concept sees advancement mostly as a learning method top-down, the Japanese idea of advancement very much relies on bottom-up approaches of practicing, observing, perfecting techniques, trying out different procedures, building up new tactics, etc.

Once a Japanese martial arts master told me: “for anybody to perfect any technique, be it a healing act or a martial move, one has to practice it atleast 2,000 times.”

So as we all know “practice makes perfect”.

Probably this is the saying that best describes the mood of Japanese masters who gave us all those wonderful things from flower arrangement to martial arts and from origami to pottery. Probably we should also embrace this approach if we decide on learning and  practicing ancient Japanese arts and sciences.

Also this line of thought is the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions, that is put to us. Namely, why on earth did Adam study Zen Shiatsu, or Japanese body work in India, in the home of Ayurvedic medicine?

This is what he usually says: “Japanese body work is something so profound and so well thought out, that has no match on our earthly platform. Japanese body work was perfected over a 1000 year old period, and it was tried and tested in every walk of life. In sun and rain, in war and peace!”

And this is the humble approach we so very admire in the Japanese culture, the sheer amount of time and energy that is put into the perfection of these arts and sciences.

Doumo arigatou gozaimasu!

Om Tat Sat

Adam Baktai

The Founder of Oriental Method

Ps: Our institution is also an ardent follower of the ideas and practices of Reiki, yet again an amazing Japanese art, and Taoist Yoga as well, another complete system of health and well being from the ancient traditions of Chinese hermits.

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