Monthly detoxification for august, large intestine in focus!

Us, the Oriental Method crew, we freely mix good things up, for better results. So we dont mind to follow a set of easy, effective and practical recipes even if they are rooted in different cultures of ancient natural medicine.

In the Taoist culture there is a division for the entire year, much like the daily body clock system, that actually tells us which month of the year is the best for taking care of our specific organs and bodily functions. And once we know the specific organ through the Taoist division, we do the actual work through Ayurvedic practices, herbs and detoxification rites.

Another valuable piece of information is that in the system of Ayurveda, we follow 40 day courses. The reason for this is to give our system a chance to fully incorporate the actual practices we follow, are our cell memory runs on a 40 day course. So whatever we follow for 40 days, our system identifies with it, and accepts it as something that has always been. So once you start following our tips, please follow it for 40 days. Even when the next month starts, with the next set of practices. So basically for the 1st 10 days of every month, you will be following two sets of practices.

August is the month for taking special care of our large intestines. Which is done the easiest way, with some Triphala. Triphala is the most commonly used Ayurvedic compound and amongst Ayurvedic doctors there is even a joke in connection to this wonderful mixture. 

The joke goes the following way: “If you are not sure of the diagnosis, prescribe Triphala!”

This is because Triphala has such a multitude of wonderful effects, that no matter who we are, and how healthy we are, Triphala will definitely improve certain aspects of our workings.

But for the most obvious reasons, Triphala is prescribed as a compound that improves our digestion. Triphala is made of 3 berry like fruits, and it is extremely astringent. It strenghtens the peristalsis of our gastrointestinal tract, by which digestions and absorption works better, plus it also helps in the cleansing of the intestinal tract.

So for the month of august we suggest that we all use Triphala. The method for using this compound is sinple:

  • We soak about a gramm of Triphala in a glass of water, overnight.
  • The next day we sip the Triphala solution first thing in the morning, but we leave the sediment of the Triphala powder in the bottom of the glass.
  • We run another glass of water over the sediment.
  • We soak and 2nd batch of Triphala infusion till the evening.
  • We drink the 2nd solution of Triphala before our evening meal.
  • Then we restart the whole procedure.

Naturally if we can only get Triphala in capsules, we should open up the capsules and then soak the powder. Also with the evening batch it is our call if we want to drink sediment or not.

Go for it people!

Om Tat Sat

Adam Baktai also known as Fat Yogi

PS: This post is becoming way too long. So ill write more to you about Triphala very soon.

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