Monthly detox for October, spleen/pancreas in focus…

In the ancient medical systems of the far east, the spleen and the pancreatic gland are treated during the same month, probably because of the close vicinity of the two organs.

The spleen is treated in a very simple manner. We should avoid heavy, fatty and fried food, plus we should take the juice of half a lemon with a pinch of rock salt. Every morning, 1st thing in the morning, for 40 days. 

In addition to this we can also treat the pancreas by adding 2 simple practices.

  • Apart from the above mentioned foodstuffs, we should also be very careful with carbohydrates.
  • We should take 400-600 mgs of Gymnema Sylvestre twice daily, before meals. This herb aids our system to deal with all sorts of blood sugar problems from insulin resistance to full blown diabetes. 

As this plant goes back to about 5,000 years in the Ayurvedic tradition, probably the easiest way to get hold of this wonderful herb, is to look out for it through some Indian sites!

Some companies sell this product by their ancient Sanskrit name Meshashringi, others through it’s Hindi name Gurmar.

Om Tat Sat

Adam Baktai aka Fat Yogi

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