The back bone of Oriental Method is based on 2 approaches, the Vedic concept and it’s unique top to bottom approach of knowledge cultivation, and the ideology behind several Oriental Systems, where knowledge is gathered, surveyed and researched, practiced to perfection so basically where knowledge is built up from bottom up. 

So we will try to impart as much valuable information from these fields of knowledge as much as possible. But apart from these areas we are super interested in several other fields of activities as well.

So you would be able to regularly read about an immense amount of subjects. Subjects that can better our lives, from all sorts of different angles.

And as the concept of Oriental Method is more of a lifestyle, than an institution of ancient Asian arts and sciences, so is living in harmony.

So for example the idea is to let you in, on all sorts of information on architecture, ranging from Vastu tips (ancient Indian energetic arrangements of living space) to clever garden hacks, all the way to ideas involving reusable energy sources for our home. After all where we live has a huge influence on us both physically and energetically, and vica versa we also have a huge effect on our surroundings.

And since in our day and age social media is a huge source of information, we will use this platform as well for imparting valuable information on the following subjects:

Architecture:  Read as above.

Ayurveda: an ancient Indian medical science. The oldest school of medicine in the world. A system of holistic healing that incorporates herbs, diets, excersize and all sorts of amazing therapies to keep us balanced and healthy.

Bush Craft: To some extent we are into conspiracy theories that are not too crazy. So we think survival techniques and DIY tricks are super usefull.

A politologist friend of ours often says: “In the first world, there are no more need of wars. Just switch the electricity off and everybody will die pretty quickly after that.”

Gardening: There is an ancient Taoist saying. “If you want to be happy for 15 minutes, eat a good meal. If you want to be happy for a year, get married. If you want to be happy for your entire life, build a garden.”

Apart from the harmony and beauty factor of gardens we also think that the “growing food” part is also pretty usefull.

Hatha Yoga: An over 5000 year old system of excersize regiment, that also focuses on meditation, purificatory therapies and spiritual practices apart from physical training. A very well balanced lifestyle, that keeps us healthy inside and out.

Home Remedies: A quick exemple: according to some recent surveys 75 % of us in the western world can not or will not be able to take care of any medical situations. So we tend to go and see doctors with common flus, minor injuries and other relatively simple things, which even upto 20-25 years ago were taken care at home, by the previous generation.

So first of all we need to learn to take care of things, plus you never know when you will be in a situation where you can not simply call for a doctor, or go and see a health expert. Be prepared!

Martial Arts: Everyone has to walk their own unique path to attain perfection. And some people are cut out to reach their goal through the principles of martial arts. So us at Oriental Method do advocate this art as well, not for the sake of fighting, but as a bona fide path to enlightenment. On the other hand even if we are not a person to walk this path, everybody should learn to some extent how to protect her or himself.

And a tiny bit of interesting info for you all. Have you ever wondered why Japan is one of the safest coutries in the world? Usually the top 10 to 15 safest places in the world are European coutries with tiny populations. So Japan stands out in everyway possible. An Asian super power, with a huge population. But over there everybody learns some sort of martial practices in school. So apart from knowing the fact that if you pick on somebody you might just get a good whooping, children learn discipline and the respect for each other during the trainings.

Reiki: is a form of energy healing, developed by Dr. Mikao Usui in the early years of the 20th century. It is a palm healing style of curing, where the practiotioner tranfers energy through his/her hands into the body of the patient.


“There is so much more, than it meets the eye.” – so the saying goes.

According to a French study 73% of our lives is beyond the faculty of physical examination or research. There are only very few things that we can study under a microscope or in a test tube. Emotions, feelings, abstract mental theories, spiritual ideas are all beyond the material platform, where research and survey can be conducted.

So a huge part of our existance can only be mapped through spiritual and/or mystic practices, rituals and processes.

So we will try to provide you with valuble info, tricks and practices that are beyond this worldly creation, so that you can incorporate them into your life, for a fuller and happier existance. For us in the west, this might be strange, but in Asia spiritual practices and experiences are simply just part of day to day life.

Or as Arthur C. Clarke said it: Magic is a science that we don’t understand yet.

Tai Chi Chuan: is a form of internal martial art, that is practiced for both health benefits and defense training. It is a soft art that is very graceful, but at the same time a very effective form of self defense. Many times it is refered to as ‘meditation in motion’.

Taoist Yoga: the inner alchemy practices of ancient Chinese monks and hermits. We are into Taoist Yoga, because this discipline was a great inspiration in the forming of Oriental Method.

The practices of Taoist Yoga are extremely well balanced. As the aim of Taoist Yoga is to guard and heal our 3 treasures: our chi, our body and our mind. So most Taoist practices include multifold approach. Physical and breathing excersizes along with meditational techniques.

Vastu Shastra: the ancient Vedic concept of architecture. By understanding the principles of Vastu Shastra, one can make incredible changes in the mood and atmosphere of living space.

We can a turn an area into a conducive space for any and all reasons. One can make a home out of an ordinary flat. We can make a profitable stores or offices out of empty rooms. And above all we can alter living space in a way where harmony, health and happiness is the dominant atmosphere that surrounds us.

Vedic Astrology: Vedic astrology is basically the ancient Indian astrology, which happens to be the oldest system of astrology in the world.

Astrology is basically a language by which we can understand the subtle hints and recommendations of the universe, by which we can make life so much easier. It helps in identifying our strenghts and weaknesses, and it gives us tools in getting things done properly, during the right time, in the right way.

Vegetarianism: For us vegetarianism is not a religious, or spiritual quest. IT IS SURVIVAL! The meat industry single handedly destroys our planet! The meat industry “uses”  up over 50 % of the planet’s sweet water resources only to produce unhealthy products that kills us all, with extremely cruel production methods.

Once Albert Einstein was asked what is the most beneficial act we can all do? He said: “BECOME A VEGETARIAN!”

Zen Shiatsu: a form of body work, that was developed in Japan over a period of 1000 years. And as a classic Japanese art this form of healing radiates harmony:

  • it is highly effective,
  • it is very pleasing to the recepient,
  • and it looks beautiful if it is viewed externally.

Initially it was developed by warriors, and over the centuries it was fine tuned to perfection. In fact in the Tokugawa period it went through a little decline, as it was so pleasing, people thought of it is a simple form of relaxational therapy and not a form of healing.

Om Tat Sat