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The concept of acquiring knowledge in Oriental Method

The way we see learning: 

The concept of learning in our institute is based on the threefold Vedic concept of:

  • Sravana, hearing.
  • Manana, contemplating.
  • Nididhyasana, the level where our knowledge becomes part of our existance and changes the individuals value system.

The way we teach our courses from Ayurveda to Vastu Shastra, from Akhara Yoga to Zen Shiatsu:

The aim of our courses is best presented through the traditional Japanese method of learning, where on must go through three levels of advancement, to go from perfecting one’s knowledge to perfecting one’s inner self as well.

The three levels are as follows:

Shoden (初伝)

The word “Shoden”, which can be translated as the “first transmission”.

Chūden (中伝)

The word “Chūden” can be translated as the “middle-transmission”.

Okuden (奥伝)

The word “Okuden” can be translated as the “inner transmission”.

In many martial arts system the 1st three black belts are commonly refered to as Shoden. Where the person is still a practicing teacher. On this level one has a firm understanding of the science one is involved with, but at the same time can only teach it the way it was taught to him, following a line of thought and excersizes, so the person basically is only teaching the externals of the art/science.

Being on the Chūden platform, means that one has a firm understanding of the principles, behind the workings of the art/science that she or he represents. So the individual can actually mold and form her/his teaching to meet her/his students knowledge, understanding and necessities. By reaching this level one becomes a true master, where the person is able to raise others to the very same level she or he is. As the Vedic proverb goes: ” A true master is not surrounded by thousand of followers. True masters train true masters, who move on to train others.”

In reaching the Okuden level, there are no further techniques to be learned, no secret moves to be studied. That is all done on the Chūden platform. One simply has to improve as a human being. So we reach the ultimate level of our art/science by personal growth only.

The way we see individual practice: 

Yet again this is a threefold method:

  • Memorization, learning the concept.
  • Motorization, practicing till the concept becomes second nature.
  • Mentalization, applying the concept in different circumstances.

Om Tat Sat