The Concept

The concept of Oriental Method is best explained through Taoist philosophy, and the Taoist concept of how us, human beings interact with the universe.

In the Taoist doctrines 3 spheres of chi, or energy are described:

  • Heavenly Chi
  • Earthly Chi
  • Human Chi

These 3 levels are meant to be connected to each other, both ways. The connection downward is obvious as higher powers always have their effect on subordinate energies.

At the same time us humans, should also endeavor to connect upto heavenly chi, through earthly chi to bring the subtle and divine energies of the universe into our lives.

For this purpose, in Oriental Method we use the knowledge of Vedic Astrology and the concept of Vastu Shastra, the science of Vedic Architecture. Through these sciences we have the chance to understand the workings of the universe in connection to our existance.

In addition the system of Oriental Method also encorporates the method of Reiki, which is a direct technique to bring the universal energy right into our lives.

The realm of earthly chi in the concept of Oriental Method is approached through the instrument of Ayurveda. As the knowledge of Ayurveda prepares us, how to contact with this world, the best ways possible. Be it the change of seasons, the natural progression of aging, or even the simple and daily process of eating, Ayurveda gives us the appropriate knowledge of life. Actually Ayurveda means the science of life in the ancient sanskrit language.

In Oriental Method Human chi is represented through the disciplines of Yoga, Shiatsu and Tai Chi. Systems that aid us in living a healthy and harmonious life in this world.

So these are the reasons why Oriental Method incorporates so many different styles of medicine and therapies!

Om Tat Sat

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