About Us

Oriental Method is the short for House of Oriental Method.

Oriental Method, as stated by our name, utilizes concepts that where born in the far East.

Oriental Method is an institute of holistic healing.

Oriental Method also focuses on propagating the concept of holistic healing. For us this concept means several ideas:

  • Health means inner and outer harmony.
  • In our concept perfect health means being in balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritualy.
  • Different arts, deisciplines and techniques can be combined to work on our inner and outer sheath.
  • The treated person must have a firm understanding of the concept of holisitic healing, by which she or he can also do for their own health and harmony. By this she or he can not and should not depend on the person giving the treatment. This way she or he also has responsibilities for achieving the goal of perfect health. Plus after some time and experience the person can also help others with their journey to health and harmony.

Om Tat Sat