A simple detox programme for the first 2 months of the year, every year…

According to Taoist traditions there is a connection between the months of the year, and the different organs of our body. Much like the organ clock theory, where every 2 hours of the day is in relation to a organ in particular.

The first 2 months of the year is connected to our kidneys and urinary bladder, respectively.

The simplest detox programme for these organs are the same. Namely a glass of lemon water, first thing in the morning!

And this is to be taken, before the first passing of urine. So if we wake up several times in the night to urinate, the first passing is considered to be the one, after which we do not go back to bed.

So half a lemon squeezed into a glass of water! That is it!

It clears out both the kidneys and the urinary bladder,  plus it is an excellent purificatory rite for the prostate gland as well. It is also a very effective alkalizing method!

Om Tat Sat

Adam Baktai aka Fat Yogi

The founder of Oriental Method

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