A rejuvenative and boosting practice for March and April…

In the Taoist culture the months of the year are connected to the workings of our immune system, just like the organ clock system, where every 2 hours the performance of specific organs gain strenght and importance. 

So in Taoist thought the months of March and April are connected to the hormonal system.

Our recommendation for correcting the workings of this system is as follows:

  • For ladies we suggest the consumption of an Ayurvedic herb called Shatavari, which is made out of the root of a simple asparagus kind.
  • For men we recommend the usage of Ashwagandha, yet again a compound that is made out of a single root.

Both of these herbs are adaptogen in nature so they are nontoxic substances, they are plant extracts, that are meant to increase the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of  physical disturbances and stress. Adaptogen herbs by definition can not damage the health of the consumer, as they promote or restore normal physiological functioning regardless of the nature of the problem, the age, the gender or the condition of the recipient. 

But however please notice that while consuming these herbs the possibility of impregnation is manyfold.

Om Tat Sat

Adam Baktai aka Fat Yogi

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